Released 2004. Including works specially composed for Morgan Szymanski by Alec Roth as well as works by Manuel M. Ponce, Agustin Barrios Mangoré, Simone Iannarelli and Jorge Ritter.

‘Housed in an eye-catchingly tasteful but colourful card sleeve, one immediately is made aware of how lyrical a player Szymanski is. The opening piece, from whence the CD gets its title, is completely modern in every way but so warmly played with such care being taken over every sound produced that one warms to it immediately. The Cat Dances are also lovingly played but more quirky, as the four different feline characteristics are drawn on the music for us. The Iannarelli pairing is really lovely, with the Valzer very imaginative and fun to hear, with the Cancion aptly portraying Iannarelli’s melodic gifts. There is not a single make-weight piece or performance here. All the set is top class in every respect’.

Classical Guitar CD review December 2005

Morgan Szymanski - The Unicorn In the Garden

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Alec Roth
1. The Unicorn In The Garden

Manuel M. Ponce – Suite en La Mineur
2. Preludio
3. Allemande
4. Sarabande
5. Gavotte
6. Gigue [Listen]

Agustin Barrios Mangore
7. Una Limosna Por El Amor De Dios

Simone Iannarelli
8. Valzer Brilliante (En Hommage a Agustin Barrios Mangore) [Listen]
9. Cancion Para Beatriz

Alec Roth – Cat Dances *
10. Javanese Cat
11. Egyptian Cat
12. Jeffrey
13. Cheshire Cat

Jorge Ritter – Variaciones Capoeira
14. Tema
15. Var I – Allegretto Decisivo
16. Var II – Andante
17. Var III – Allegro
18. Var IV – Vivace
19. Var V – Tranquilo
20. Var V1 – Presto 21. Final – Moderato [Listen]

* Works written for Morgan Szymanski

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